The latest treatment for breast tumors : Cryoablation

The latest treatment for breast tumors : Cryoablation


October is international breast cancer awareness month. Education and raising awareness is important to help women take action and fight the disease.

Cryoablation destroys non-cancerous breast tumors (fibroadenomas) by freezing them at below -170°C, the temperature at which tumor cells die.

Reduce the risk of your tumor becoming malignant and ease your mind with the latest FDA-approved treatment.


What are the advantages of cryoablation?
Cryoablation is a non-invasive surgery, and therefore has many benefits:

·         Only local anesthesia is required

·         Scar is small, only 3 mm in length

·         Less painful than other procedures

·         There is no need to stay overnight in hospital

·         Recovery is quick

·         The breast maintains its shape because there is no damage to normal breast tissue


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Promotion Price: 160,000 THB (Regular Price 200,000 baht)

(Promotion package prices are valid until 30 December 2021. Only for the first 20 cases)

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For more information please contact:

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