Register a Thai company online and handle all the corporate secretary work in just a few clicks

Belaws is proud to announce the release of the first digital company registration platform in Thailand. Simply go to this link and fill up the necessary information. Our system provides answers to the most common questions and all applications are reviewed by an expert corporate lawyer, with whom you will interact to ensure that your business needs are taken into consideration, while complying with the relevant laws and regulations such as the Foreign Business Act. This system is also available for Singapore and Hong Kong.

Belaws’ system is fully comprehensive and includes all post-registration duties such as VAT registration, work permit & visa, accounting, etc. The bank account opening has been facilitated thanks to a partnership with KBank. As a result, our clients need only one short meeting at the branch of their choice, nationwide, to sign the official forms.

Companies registered through Belaws will benefit from our corporate dashboard, the first of its kind, allowing them to have a clear overview of their company structure and request modifications such as director change, share transfer, capital increase, etc. in just a few clicks and at a pre-fixed price. Belaws’ expert lawyers are always available for legal guidance before any action is taken.


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