Q&A SUMMARY FTCC Webinar: Updates from the Thai and French Governments on Financial Packages for Companies (21/04)

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To download the FTCC powerpoint displayed at the FTCC Webinar: Updates from the Thai and French Governments on Financial Packages for Companies, please click here

Introduction by Mr. Thomas Sanchez, FTCC President 

Mr. Thomas welcomed 65 participants to the FTCC webinar on the Updates from the Thai and French Governments on Financial Packages for Companies.

He, firstly, informed the demand among chamber of commerce in Thailand on the government aids

Mrs. Sukanya Uerchuchai, FTCC executive director, then introduced the agenda and the experts of the session as follows;

Marianne WLASSEWITCH, Area Manager – ASEAN, Bpifrance - French Public Investment Bank

Gabriel LUBEIGT-HANCHANA, FTCC Counsellor, CIC Thailand’s Chief Representative 

French Government Aids on the Crisis by Marianne WLASSEWITCH

Marianne firstly started the presentation by informing the participants the background information of BPI France and its divisions and activities internally and externally, which is legally supported by French government (See the slide). 

She then pointed out the emergency measures provided by the French government. All the measure are cumulated. We can see on the next slide the measures taken by the French government for companies in France. She then presented the support plan implemented by BPI France.

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