Phokeethra Mooncake Festival 2021

It’s time to discover mooncakes! During September, our own Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra celebrates the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival after its traditional delicious treat, the mooncake. Our latest collection of delicious and creative mooncakes have just the authentic homemade taste you crave, whether salty, sweet, or creamy or the Chef’s secret surprise flavor of the year. 


  1. Durian with Egg Yolk (M): 98 Baht 
  2. Durian (S): 68 Baht  
  3. Phuket Thai Tea (S): 68 Baht 
  4. Mix Nuts (S): 68 Baht 
  5. Pineapple (S): 68 Baht  


Discover Phokeethra Mooncake in the authentic packaging with Baba Yaya Bag offering you the special prices as per below; 

  • One Mooncake (S) with Baba Yaya Bag (S): 98 Baht  
  • Two Mooncakes (S) with Baba Yaya Bag (S): 158 Baht  
  • One Mooncake (S) and (M) with Baba Yaya Bag (S): 188 Baht  
  • One Mooncake (M) with Baya Yaya Bag (S): 128 Baht  
  • Two Mooncakes (M) with Baba Yaya Bag (S): 198 Baht  
  • Twelve Mooncakes (S) with Baba Yaya Bag (L): 698 Baht 
  • Eight Mooncakes (M) with Baba Yaya Bag (L): 698 Baht 
  • Buy any size of mooncakes valued at 698 Baht, get FREE one Baba Yaya Bag (L) 

Moreover, we provide the special discount for the online purchase through Line application that you can click the below link to get the e-discount coupon as following; 


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