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In 2017, we also made good resolutions! Now that we have a new team and new players, the Franco Thai Chamber of Commerce decided to put more emphasis on the biggest strength of our organization: our members. Indeed, to celebrate the launch of our new Monthly Newsletter, we would like to highlight some of our members, especially those who joined us recently.

The first edition of this new section "Member of the month", focuses on a company which (we hope) you have already heard about: LightBlue Environmental Consulting. Founded in 2012 by Benjamin Lephilibert, an active member of the CSR Committee, LEC is a company with high expertise in auditing, consulting and capacity building services to organizations looking to improve profitability and minimize their social and environmental footprint. Their main objective is to deliver tailor made solutions to cut operational expenses, increase employees’ efficiency and loyalty, as well as to improve the reputation of organizations operating more responsibly. 

His Managing Director, Benjamin, an expert in hotel food waste prevention, holds two Masters from two different European countries. In 2008, he found a job as a French VIE (young graduated contract) and decided to move here, to Bangkok.  Unfortunately, nothing happened as planned and Benjamin quickly found himself unemployed. Knowing about our existence, he came knocking at the door of the FTCC hoping to gather some information and get relevant contacts. He rapidly ended up reading all the pages of our handbook and went door to door to find a new job.

 Couple of weeks later, it is with one of our premium member Accor Hotel Group, that Benjamin made his debut in Thailand as a project manager for the implementation of the environmental certification program 'Green Globe' in 44 Novotel properties throughout 9 countries in Asia. As Benjamin mentioned, there are lots of confusion about green certifications. Labels and hotels, especially in Asia, tend to get lost regarding which certifications they need. Accor Hotel Group aimed at clearing this blurry vision by certifying its hotels with EarthCheck, a worldwide well-known certification.

Benjamin then became a Master Trainer and Strategy Consultant in hotel sustainability efficiency for the UN International Labour Organisation (UNILO), helping hotels in Phuket, Bangkok and the Philippines to green their operations. Working with this hotels, helping them to focus on a change in their behaviors and adapting working procedures there, convinced him to start doing this on a larger scale with his own business, Lightblue.

With his team of five people, they advise organization and hotels owners as well as managers on opportunities related to energy, water, waste, certification and staff and guest’s engagement in sustainability. As a food lover himself, Benjamin quickly focused on an issue widely underestimated by most: food waste. He designed programs applying supply chain analysis to cut on food waste, in addition to raising awareness of hotels and their staff about changes they can implement with affordable simple solutions.

Today, hotels such as Club Med in Phuket, Soneva Fushi in the Maldives and SO Sofitel in Bangkok have worked together with LightBlue Environmental Consulting to improve profitability of their food operations and minimize their social and environmental footprint.

His latest efforts has led to the setup of the first standard in the industry : "The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste", This label, articulated around 9 food waste preventive principles, has received endorsement by Business France, The United Nation Development Program, and the public organization TCEB) Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau" that is offering financial subsidies to organization complying with the standard. The objective, for him as well as for his company, is to succeed in convincing major players of our society that sustainability equals productivity, efficiency and profitability.



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