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A delivered box that match the products?

When it comes to receiving a product, most shipping companies will charge you according to DIM Weight (Dimensional Weight) or actual weight; whichever is greater. DIM Weight is the result of its volume in relation to its actual weight.

Carriers are wise to saving space and cutting costs; because, the larger the parcel, the more space is needed and the less room is left for more parcels.

Just in USA, since 2015, DIM Weight affected shipping costs to raise by 30%.

At Savoye, it has been more than 10 years, we optimize DIM Weight Factor with Jivaro Automated Machine by reducing the volume of the parcel to its content. From Spare Parts, Offices Supplies, Healthcare & Pharmaceutics, Clothes & Cosmetics, Industrial supplies and of course, E-Commerce, this issue is addressed along with Secured Shipping, Consumable Savings for an Eco-Friendly Asset.

In other words, less pallets, less trucks for a meaningful experience.


About Savoye

A Global Player in the Design and Implementation of Automated Logistical Systems and Services, capable of handling All Supply-Chain Processes.

With a double digit growth in sales and its €85 million turnover in 2017, Savoye also recorded a 43% increase of orders reaching €112 million.

After 26 years in the Legris Industries Group, Changxing Lingcheng Management Consulting Co. Ltd is now the sole Shareholder in Savoye and its subsidiaries, which thereby from the basis for developing Noblelift Group’s Intralogistics Business since October 31st, 2018.

Today, Savoye secures its network of Partners.

To ensure constant support to our Key Accounts and help address new customers globally, Savoye establishes its know-how in strategic location.



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