Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit: Smoky Taste Sensations at the District Grill Room & Bar

Special menu available from August to the end of – Bangkok, ThailandSeptember, 2018.
When it comes to the time-honored tactic of using smoke to enrich the taste of grilled meat, not just any wood takes the cut. Hardwoods – low in resin and high inflavor – produce the best smoke, and each type of wood has its own distinct character. We select only the best for our flavor-enhancing fires. Hickory creates a sweet to strong heavy bacon, good with beef or lamb, while Mesquite gives sweet and spicy, with a strong earthy taste, which is excellent with meat. For a milderflavor, Oak or Ash is more suitable. Oak has a mild smoky flavor with no after taste. This is perfect for meat, fish or seafood. Ash, which is good with fish and red meat, offers a light and distinctive flavor. Lastly, Apple gives a slightly sweet and fruity smoke flavor, blended well with meat and poultry.
Our experienced chef has curated a menu with perfectly paired smoked meatflavors, available from August to the end of September, 2018. Simply choose your ideal combination, then sit back, relax and savor. Highlights of the menu are Apple-smoked Snails, Oak-smoked Wagyu Beef Burger, Hay-smoked Whole Baby Chicken, Oak-smoked Australian Lamb Ribs and Mesquite-smoked Valrhona Cheesecake.

The District Grill Room & Bar is open daily for dinner from 18:00hrs – 23:00hrs and every Sunday from 11:30hrs-15:00hrs for Sunday Brunch.
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