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The lab of tomorrow is an innovation process dedicated to create sustainable business model solving a major challenge: this year, single-use plastic use & waste in Thailand.

Every year, approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the sea, making plastic the #1 pollutant in marine systems. Over half of land-based plastic waste leakage comes from just 5 countries: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. 

To tackle this issue with a sustainable business orientation, the GIZ (German Cooperation Agency) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany launched the lab of tomorrow program - come participate to this innovative co-creation process by participating to a 4-day innovation sprint in Bangkok in September! This process will be followed by tailored coaching for the developement & implementation of your business ideas. Interested? 
Learn more on how to apply here. 

All organisations can participate, from corporations to start-ups. Curious to know about the previous lab of tomorrow & companies who participated? Click here."

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