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International Conference on Technology for Sustainable Paths to Thailand's future.

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THAI CANAL: Comprehensive Study of New Logistics Systems for the Asia-Pacific Region

The Thai Canal, also known as TheKraCanal, is a-mega project that has been a key subject of discussion for decades in Thailand. It isbelievedthe canal can serve as a vehicle to create economic prosperity for the future. The immense investment in the Thai Canal is not only great affecting the Thai economy in a positive way, but it is also reverberating through the rest of the world. Thai Canal has more to offer to businesses than just a canal. It is also home to two world-class logistic and business hubs at the either end of the path between two oceans.

The effects within Thailand and the whole Asia continent, especially Southeast Asia, willbe exponential impacting everything from ports and terminal development to shipping, transport (rail, road, sub-waterways) and warehousing in the areas.

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang andThai Canal Association for Study and Developmentare pleased to announcethe International conference on TECHNOLOGY FOR SUSTAINABLE PATHS TO THAILAND’S FUTURE, THAI CANAL: Comprehensive Study of New Logistics Systems for the Asia-Pacific Region.  The conference will include panels and presentations on major considerations for Thai Canal project from key industry specialists who are from private, public and government sectors.  

Besides, the conference will provide highly valuable networking opportunities where the C-level, senior management, professionals, operators, contractors, consultants and investors can learn about what projects can possibly be put in the pipeline and capitalize on the business opportunities being created.The conference which iswarmlysupported by European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC), will be held September 11, 2017, at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel.

A special discount is available for group registration, and conference attendees who register before September 1, 2017. For more information, please contact: email: call +6681 668 5448, +6663 994 4156 Facebook: kraCanal-MaritimeSilkroad    Website:





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