Hormones as you age – Are your hormones in balance? by Vitallife

Because nothing’s more important than taking care of your health
On September 10th from 11:00 to 13:30 VitaLife Scientific Wellness Center organizes an Exclusive Wellness Seminar about Hormones: “Hormones as you age – Are your hormones in balance ?”

This seminar which will take place at the Bumrungrad International Hospital is the perfect occasion for you to learn what is hormone and what happens to your hormones when you age. 
The speaker Dr. Nacha Harinrak, a VitaLife Physician,  is specialized in Functional and Regenerative Medicine and will provide you tips for balancing your hormone.
If you want to learn about how to take care of yourself, be sure to book your seat !

Ms. Angelica Maria Del Mundo San Gabriel 
Tel: (+66) 985504071
Email: AngelicaMa(@)vitalifecorporation.com 

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