EABC: Supporting European –Thailand Trade and Investment

Jan Eriksson, President of European Association for Business and Commence (EABC).

 The European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC), established in 2011, aims to be the unified voice of the European business community in Thailand. EABC’s objectives are to advocate member interests, to support European business in Thailand and to promote Thailand as an attractive partner for European foreign investment and trade. EABC is the collection point for European business issues for a proposed EU-Thailand FTA.  EABC acts as the European chamber of commerce in Thailand, covering all EEA (European Economic Area) states, not just EU states. Jan Eriksson, EABC President talks about EABC’s core focus and benefits of EABC.


What are EABC’s key activities and services

Advocacy is EABC’s core business. The 12 Working Groups and their chairs continue to be the focal points of EABC Advocacy.  EABC aims to build consensus in the European Business Community by welcoming to its Working Groups EABC members who are also members of bilateral chambers. This provides a broader source pool of ideas, information and experience. New Working Groups can be made in cases of real interest where a chair is voted lead the effort.

Engagement with government agencies can be by small or larger group dialogues, written submissions, seminars and conferences. EABC does not make demands, but engages to achieve outcomes in the interest of the Thai economy and Thai-European trade and investment. The Working Groups represent deep experience, know how and commitment to objectives.

Both local and foreign authorities have recognized the EABC as a valuable and effective advocate for European business in Thailand.

EABC Advisory Council comprises European chamber presidents and where there is no chamber, the head of an Embassy’s trade or investment section. It also includes the EU Delegation.  It meets twice per year.

It provides for better knowledge of EABC status, developments and activities by provide for closer understanding by Advisory Council members of advocacy work, initiatives and activities in policy advocacy, and fostering closer direct understanding by EABC advocacy champions of the policies and business issues of interest to chambers and European missions and provides guidance to EABC on bigger picture issues.

The Advisory Council does not replace the EABC Board, which along with the EABC Members’ meeting, are the decision-making organs of EABC.


Recent EABC Activities

  • Seminar on Foreign Business Act and foreign investment, with a published booklet
  • Co-organizing the regional ASEAN – EU Summit and moderating the Digital panel
  • A networking evening for SMEs involving many chambers
  • Participating in various Intellectual Property events, arranged by government and the EU, including a conference on on-line responsibilities for IPR protection.
  • Arranging with EEC Office a deep dive into the EEC and its attractions for partnership
  • Co-organising EU Business Avenues to SE Asia for ICT SMEs (third year running; also planned for 2020)
  • Participating as speaker in various conferences and seminars.
  • Detailed recommendations on immigration (TM.30) receiving front page exposure.
  • The annual and well regarded European Business Position paper 2019-2020 edition
  • Engaging in preparations for a proposed EU-Thailand FTA, both with Ministry of Commerce in Thailand and with the EU



Being an EABC member offers:

  • Opportunity to join in any of the 12 EABC Working Groups and contribute to Advocacy work; which can enhance the chamber’s own advocacy interests.
  • Being part of building consensus in the European business community in Thailand and influencing Thai policy makers (Ministries and other government organizations) through our advocacy Working Group through a wide base
  • Being part of a wider grouping with European business rather than trying to advocate for outcomes on one’s own 
  • Create direct contacts with Thai Government representatives as well as with top business decision makers in Thailand and in Southeast Asia
  • Opportunity to be elected as Head of Working Group and/or Board member of EABC
  • All standard company exposure benefits in EABC communication materials and channels

EABC is also a member of the EU-ASEAN Business Council and gains regional exposure through that relationship, including many regional visits and the annual conference.

EABC offers special rates to Franco-Thai Chamber members (and other bilateral European chamber members).

  • THB 6,000 admission fee waived 
  • 20% discount on annual fees ( resulting in THB 12,000 for SMEs and THB 24,000 for larger companies)

For more information about EABC Membership please go to www.eabc-thailand.org  Tel: 02-2528751 ext. 109, or contact Operations Director, Dr. Charanya Nopnukulvised  (director(@)eabc-thailand.org)


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