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Du Siam à Thaïlande 4.0

POST-EVENT: Journée Thaiïlande: Du Siam à Thaiïlande 4.0

The 'Journée Thaiïlande: Du Siam à Thaiïlande 4.0' is a business seminar, organized by the French business community in Bangkok on June 9, 2017.

To acknowledge on the transformation and development of Thailand, the event highlighted an ongoing project of Thailand 4.0, Currently, the transformation and development of Thailand is a major priority for the Thai government. Thailand is focusing on becoming a value-based and innovation-driven economy by moving from producing commodities to innovative products; emphasizing on promoting technology, creativity, and innovation in focused industries and from a production-based to a service-based economy.                                        Watch the video, Journée Thaïlande du 9 juin : du Siam à Thaïlande 4.0 

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