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Celebrate the National Day of France with Parisian flavors at  “La Fête Nationale 14 Juillet” at Tops market and Central Food Hall

Celebrate the National Day of France with Parisian flavors at 

“La Fête Nationale 14 Juillet” at Tops market and Central Food Hall


(9 July, 2021) Bonjour! If you miss France, the most romantic country in the world and a dream destination for many, Tops market and Central Food Hall under Central Retail invite you to visit Paris, where lights are always bright, at a food festival featuring the best flavors from France to celebrate the National Day of France, La Fête Nationale 14 Juillet”. Explore the romantic country and enjoy over 800 items imported from France. Indulge in three exclusive dishes created by top chefs at CENTRAL EATERY at any Central Food Hall and participating Tops market.

 Celebrate the National Day of France by imagining yourself in France as you shop for imported items from France with up to 32% discount during July 10-14, 2021. There are many assorted cheeses you shouldn’t miss, such as 250g Carrefour Comte at 270 baht from originally 399 baht, 250g Carrefour Camembert at 159 baht from originally 199 baht, and 100g Fromi Brie with Truffles at 430 baht from originally 480 baht. There are also Limousine Rib Eye Beef at 2,690 baht per kilogram, from originally 3,690 baht, and buy one get one free bottle of 500ml sparkling mineral water at 69 baht.

 After warming up by shopping, now it’s time to fill your stomach with an indulgent artisan bakery fresh from the oven, baked by chefs of THE BAKER using premium ingredients such as Brittany butter. Start with buttery croissants from 65 baht, available in many flavors such as caramel macadamia croissant, French butter croissant, and Swiss emmental cheese croissant. Enjoy a special promotion at The Baker Artisan - get a French butter croissant (65 baht) free when purchasing three of 75 baht croissants during July   14-27, 2021.  

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Another French bakery item that bread lovers cannot miss is French brioche, enriched with premium butter and eggs. The Baker Artisan French brioche is priced at 99 baht each, and longan flower honey brioche with pecan is priced at 145 baht from originally 160 baht.

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Wrap up your journey with three French dishes at CENTRAL EATERY available during July 10-18, 2021. Begin your meal with “French Onion Soup” (140 baht) which has a unique flavor of caramelized onion slow-cooked in a flavorful beef stock. The result is a clear soup that tastes simply heavenly, topped with toasted Gruyère and served with French bread. It is definitely love at first bite, and you will feel as if you’re sitting in a cafe in Paris.  

The second dish is “Tuna Niçoise Salad” (250 baht), a light dish before the main course. Enjoy a wide variety of vegetables, including potato, French bean, tomato, kalamata olive, and bell pepper, mixed with anchovy and boiled egg, topped with refreshing lemon vinaigrette to highlight the flavor and texture of the beautifully cooked tuna, with an appetizing aroma of black pepper.  

Now you’ve arrived at the main course which has been designed to indulge meat lovers.  “Côte de Boeuf” (1,295 baht) is made with premium ribeye, deliciously seasoned and grilled to perfection to ensure the best flavor. It is served with salad and Parmigiano Reggiano to bring out the flavor of the steak.

Celebrate the National Day of France at “La Fête Nationale 14 Juillet” and conveniently order your favorite products on or via Grab Food in CENTRAL EATERY to enjoy delicious dishes prepared by professional chefs. You can enjoy real flavors of France right at home.  

For more information, visit,, Facebook TopsThailand, Facebook Central Food Hall or Instagram centralfoodhallofficial.


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