Black & White Truffle Delights 2 Nights Only of Exclusive Wine Dinners by 2-Michelin Star French Chef Thierry Drapeau During 15th – 16th January 2020 at VIE Hotel Bangkok

A 7-course feast that will tease, tantalize and delight the senses will be prepared by famed 2-Michelin Star Chef Thierry Drapeau at La VIE Bistronomy restaurant, featuring absolutely delicious black truffles from France and just as delectable white truffles from Italy while they are both in season, this Wednesday, 15th and Thursday, 16th of January 2020.

The exquisite truffle is a rare and precious ingredient and adds an essential quality to dishes made by a master chef, with an aroma and taste that gourmands pursue around the world. Both the black truffle and white truffle are extremely high-value fungi harvested in late autumn and winter. While the black truffle, from France, is known for a strong and lingering musky flavor, the white truffle is a bit less earthy though with tints of garlic.

Chef Thierry, from France, has been long hailed as the pioneer of gastronomy in Southeast Asia. Emphasizing natural floral and herbal seasoning that brings out the superb flavor of the meat and fish in his dishes, the evenings’ truffle-focused creations will be a sheer delight for the palate, prepared by an internationally lauded chef who explains that his whole mind and memory are filled with the unforgettable experience of cooking.

This 7-course Black and White Truffles Wine Dinner will be complemented by an excellent wine pairing arranged by La VIE Bistronomy’s new highly experienced Wine Director, Lucas Girod, from Argentina. 

Expect a menu of marvelous courses beginning with an Italian creamy panacotta, made with wild mushrooms, Parmesan and black truffle. This is followed by fresh artichoke also with rich black truffle. From here, Northern French scallops and white truffle take the table, and are countered by a dish of Mediterranean seabass, with an infusion of black truffle.

Roasted veal returns diners to the intensely flavored white truffle with celery and calamansi citrus. A special savory dish entitled Le Vacherin Thierry Drapeau makes its delicious mark in your memory next, and lastly an incredible La Chocolat Valrhona, with Griotte cherry and white truffle, is served for an unforgettable dessert.

This is a unique experience in Bangkok and not one anyone who loves delicious dining should miss, the rich taste of truffles and fine wine. Our new Wine Director, the highly respected Lucas Girod from Argentina, has used his formidable skills as an expert sommelier to carefully pair the most excellent wines with this extraordinary menu.

Do not deprive yourself of this pleasure! Seating is limited!


The 7-Course Black & White Truffles Wine Dinner by 2-Michelin Star Chef Thierry Drapeau is priced at THB 3,900++ per person for food and wine pairing.

Dinner is served at 6:30 pm. 

7-Course Michelin Star Set Dinner

- Le Champignon Sauvage
Italian creamy Panacotta, wild mushroom, parmesan and black truffle
Champagne Deutz ‘’Brut Rose’’, N.V

- L’Artichaud
Fresh artichoke in a different way, black truffle
Sancerre White, Domaine Pre-Semele ‘’Cuvee Zeste’’ 2016

- La Noix de Saint Jacques
Scallops ‘’A la Plancha” from the North of France, fennel confit, white truffle
Chablis ‘’Cuvee de la Butte’’ Maison Verget 2017

- Le Bar de Ligne
Mediterranean sea bass, infusion of black truffle
Volnay 1er Cru "Carelle Sous La Chapelle" Domaine Violot Guillemard 2015

- Le Veau
Roasted veal, celery, calamansi citrus and white truffle
Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classe, Château Barde Haut 2009

- Le Vacherin Thierry Drapeau
A delight from a small village in the mountains, black truffle
La surprise de Lucas, our Wine Director

- Le Chocolat Valrhona
Griotte cherry, white truffle
Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia 2004


2-Michelin Star Chef Thierry Drapeau is the chef and co-owner of the Thierry Drapeau Logis de Chabotterie restaurant in Saint-Sulpice-le-Verdon, in the Pays de la Loire region of France.  

Originally from Nantes, Chef Thierry fell in love with the art of cooking as a boy while watching his father prepare the family meal every Sunday morning. He embarked on his own culinary career as Chef de Partie with Bateau Ivre at the age of 21. With a personality both modest and determined, he worked attentively alongside a number of renowned chefs, setting the highest standards possible for his own cooking.

Ever ambitious, Chef Thierry eventually opened his own restaurant, the Thierry Drapeau Logis de Chabotterie. Within a decade, in 2011, he received the prestigious recognition of two Michelin stars.  

Chef Thierry Drapeau’s inspired style is called a “cuisine of the soil”, using local produce from the land and sea nearby and creating highly concentrated tastes. Only the highest quality produce is used. His authentic jus-based dishes are low in butter and so maintain a lightness with very distinct and rich flavours.   

According to Chef Thierry, a dish must be worked on like a wine. The chef must take his time to discover a balance which combines herbaceous and floral notes, finding the perfect relationship between the acidity, the bitterness and the sweetness.

2-Michelin starred Chef Thierry Drapeau will be at La VIE Bistronomy for two delightful evenings of dinners during 15th – 16th January 2020.


Mr. Lucas Girod, Wine Director, at VIE Hotel Bangkok

VIE Hotel Bangkok’s new Wine Director is Argentinian-born Lucas Girod. A talented man who has studied wine all his life, Lucas has worked in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, both beautiful Maldives and Seychelles, developing his skills in operations, management and as a highly respected and distinctly sensitive sommelier. Lucas’s previous position before joining VIE Hotel Bangkok was as the Food and Beverage Manager of the luxurious Fregate Island Private, Seychelles.

For more details and reservations, please contact:

Food and Beverage Department via 02 309 3939 or email: H6469-FB2(@)


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