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Become an SEO master!

Become an SEO master

What is the dream of every digital marketer? To have his company and products on the first rank in Google without having to pay for it. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get this first rank, algorithm is changing fast and requirements are not always easy to reach.

Get the fastest website. Indeed, the speed of your website is one of the criteria considered by the algorithm. It won’t only help your SEO; it will also help your conversion rate. A lot of people leave a website if it does not charge fast. Getting a fast website will only improve your rates and KPI.

Are you convinced of your website’s speed? Yes!

-    First, to get a faster website, pay attention to the images, it reduces your speed and will take time to charge. A first step should be to compress your images. Make sure to review all your pages before they are published. 
-    In addition to this, you can enable browser caching. This will help your visitors that already visited your website to keep information in their cache, the second time will be faster.

A slow page will eventually frustrate the user experience and it will bring a negative impact on sales. There are many other technical ways to reduce your speed but this will be for a future article!
Create links with other websites. However, content must be qualitative to improve your SEO. In order to improve it, you have to focus on linking with qualitative website such as: blogs, professionals or suppliers. If you create links to other websites and reverse, it will improve your SEO ranking. Otherwise, don’t misuse this power, it should only be about quality not about quantity.
Humanize user’s experience. Lately, the algorithm changed. In the past, getting a good SEO was only about using keywords. Nowadays, it is more about engaging contents, finding keywords that will interest your readers. You need to create call to actions in order to encourage your customers by subscribing to your newsletter, sharing your articles or clicking on links.

Erase all duplicated content; it will increase your SEO ranking. You can rewrite it or simply erase it in order to get unique content and qualitative information. Revise your website, page by page, to make sure there is all information needed and that you are providing valuable content for your users.

Increase your use of videos.
Since the use of videos have been increasing, Google is highlighting video result. It is important to optimize all your videos content. The main website for videos is YouTube, and the most of videos showcased on Google results are from YouTube. The lengths of the videos can be short to explain quickly a small fact or you can provide longer videos to go deep into specific subjects. These videos will also improve the engagement of your users.  
Expand the power of social media
First, social media appears on google results. This brings traffic to your website but it is not only for this purpose. In addition, you need to focus on how people share your content on social media. These tools can be as well considered as a search engine; people may look for your brand directly on Facebook, Twitter and go to your website from these channels. Give the chance to your users to share your website, your content on their own social media page to boost your traffic and improve your Google’s ranking.

Congratulations, you are now a true SEO master. Trends are evolving fast, stay aware of change and new practices to keep the first position. This free marketing tool is a long-term strategy and can be time consuming but it will worth it. A good user experience is the key to satisfaction and a powerful SEO.
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