Belaws: Employment Law Clinic during the COVID-19 in Thailand

Employment Law Clinic during the COVID-19 in Thailand Several law firms in Thailand have joined forces with Belaws to help employers and employees alike who are both victims of the consequences arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

By offering a 30-minute consultation, lawyers will provide preliminary answers to legal questions on the suspension, salary negotiation or termination of an employee under the current circumstances.

Employers or employees just have to post their question on HTTPS://BIT.LY/2KQH2JC, a feature specially developed by Belaws to be part of the general effort against the economic damages of the COVID-19 crisis.

Going beyond this free consultation, Belaws' legal tech platform - WWW.BELAWS.COM - offers an ideal centralized one-stop service for clients and lawyers to efficiently work remotely during the confinement period. A big thank you to the lawyers from Vovan - Trocadelyo, Zico Law and GPS Legal to make this Employment Law Clinic possible!

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