Cross-Cultural Leadership Program l 24 Oct, 2 & 9 Nov 2023

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Vendredi 20 Octobre 2023 - 18H00

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Member Rate:
- 11,000 THB/Person
- 17,000 THB/Duo (Thai+Foreigner)

Non-Member Rate:
- 16,000 THB/Person

3 follow up coaching sessions at a promotional price with one of our trainers
- Cancellation & NO-SHOWS are NOT able to receive neither a refund nor credit.
- For those who haven’t paid will be charged with invoice unconditionally.

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A series of 3 half-day interactive workshops to bridge cultural gaps between Thais and Foreigners.



Building understanding across cultures for efficient collaboration
: By understanding and acknowledging the impact of each culture in practical business situations, participants can foster better cooperation and communication between Thais and foreigners.

Led by whom?
Expert trainers bringing diverse cross-cultural visions
: The workshop is led by a team of 3 experienced international trainers, each one with more than 20 years of experience in Thailand. Their expertise in cross-cultural management and leadership, along with extensive coaching and consulting backgrounds, ensure a high-quality learning experience. Additionally, the workshop provides participants with 3 different, yet complementary, cross-cultural perspectives. That enriches the learning experience and equips participants with a well-rounded understanding of cultural dynamics.

Targeted audience? 
The workshop is designed specifically for Thai and foreign professionals currently working in Thailand, global leaders, and multi-cultural team members. The pedagogical approach ensures the content is relevant and applicable to the participants' roles and experiences.

Collaborative learning-experience
 with real case studies and role-plays: The workshop takes place in a safe and interactive environment, encouraging open participation, debates, brainstorming, and sharing among both Thai and foreign participants. That promotes active learning and knowledge exchange. Participants will engage in real case studies and role-plays. The hands-on approach helps move participants out of their comfort zones, challenges their perceptions, and focuses on behavioral shifts.


  1. Understanding of core values: Participants will gain insights into the differences between Thai and Western core-value systems and leadership models. Such understanding helps in building stronger relationships and creating a harmonious and effective work environment.
  2. Communication and relationship-building advice: The workshop provides concrete advice on facilitating communication, investing in relationships, and encouraging assertiveness across cultures. The practical tips empower participants to navigate cultural differences effectively.
  3. Conflict management and team motivation: Tips for conflict management, team motivation, and feedback on under-performance across cultures are also covered, helping participants to handle challenging situations with cultural sensitivity.
  4. Building trust and appreciation for diversity: Participants will learn how to grow trust and enhance performance in cross-cultural teams within a matrix organization. Additionally, the workshop highlights the benefits of diversity, and of fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment.

Conclusion: Overall, the cross-cultural workshop organized by the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce offers immense value to participants by equipping them with essential skills, insights, and strategies to thrive in a diverse and international working environment in Thailand. At the end of the workshop, participants develop their own action plans to enhance their global leadership skills. The learning is personalized and can be immediately applied to their professional lives.

Testimonials from previous Workshops:

  • Christophe L. Accor: “I really appreciated getting input and insight from a Thai consultant”
  • Alexandre B. Saint Gobain Sekurit: “Explanations about behaviors and beliefs were useful, and even essential to prevent me from making management mistakes”
  • Serge A. Allianz: “This workshop provides great tools for people willing to build the bridge between French and Thai culture.”
  • Valentin V. FTCC Business Development Manager: "FTCC Cross-Cultural Workshop is a transformative experience. In just three days, I gained invaluable insights into the differences between Thai and Western cultures, boosting my confidence to work in a multicultural environment. Led by a very friendly team of experienced trainers, the program provides practical advice through real case studies and shared experiences, bringing your communication and leadership skills to the next level. As a French Sales Manager, this workshop has truly equipped me with the essential competencies to interact with my Thai colleagues and partners with greater effectiveness and empathy."

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Payment and Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations and NO-SHOWS are NOT able to receive neither a refund nor credit. For those who haven’t paid will be charged with invoice unconditionally.

FTCC's privacy policy:

  • As the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) also applies to personal data collected prior to the PDPA’s entry into force, please be informed that Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce will automatically keep your contact details including email address, name and last name, and company details, on our mailing list.


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