Why Thailand ?

Thailand is connected

Distinguished by its abundant resources and prime geographical location, Thailand has always stood at the heart of ASEAN. Thailand has become a dynamic gateway to Asia – the world’s fastest-growing economic region.

  • Free Trade Agreements: Businesses in Thailand can reap the rewards of free-trade agreements with 17 different nations: India, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Peru, as well as the other 10 ASEAN states, open up a range of opportunities across Asia-Pacific.
  • A Key Link to the Global Supply Chain: Thailand has historically been a vital supply chain provider and trade partner for much of the globe, including North America, Europe, China and Japan.
  • Investing in infrastructure: Major investments in infrastructure will reduce logistics and transportation costs, solidifying Thailand’s reputation as one of Asia’s leading investment destinations.
    • 70 well equipped industrial estates
    • Inter-city connectivity
    • port upgrades
    • improved airport capacity
    • mass transit upgrades in Bangkok

Thailand is competitive

With a labour force of over 38 million, strong governmental support and ASEAN’s second-largest economy, Thailand remains an attractive destination for savvy investors.

  • A promising host economy: Thailand has demonstrated remarkable economic progress, recording a 21 percent growth in foreign direct investment inflows, a remarkable accomplishment when compared to the global average of 0.7 percent over the same period.
  • Continued growth in exports: Thanks to an increase in exports and a booming tourism industry that attracts over 30 million visitors per year, Thailand hit a record current-account surplus of USD 48.2 billion in 2017.
  • Lower costs, better lifestyle: Thailand offers foreign investors a number of noteworthy incentives, from a 20 percent corporate income tax to the most affordable prime quality office space in Asia-Pacific.

Thailand is up-and-coming

Thailand climbed to number 26 on the World Bank’s most recent Doing Business database, which measures business regulations and ranks 190 economies on their ease of doing business.

  • Starting a business: Thailand abolished a rule that required a company to obtain a corporate seal before it could form, and eliminated the need for the Labor Department to approve company work regulations. Now it takes only four and a half days to start a business – down from 27 and a half days.
  • Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor can offer new and attractive opportunities for your business

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Board of Investment of Thailand

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