The FTCC celebrates its 55th Anniversary!

Celebrating 55 Years of Commitment to the Franco-Thai business community

The Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce was founded in Bangkok in 1966 by Mr. Bernard LEFORT with objectives to promote bilateral trade between France and Thailand. In the years 60s, there were only 3 foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand: American, British and German. 20 founding members decided at that time to create the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, setting the trend of bilateral foreign Chamber and it has been the fashion ever since.

After just one year, the membership increased to 65 companies and individuals. The first Gala Night was organized on November 25th, 1966, gathering more than 200 participants. Since then, it has become our tradition to hold a gala dinner every year in a prestigious atmosphere and with a new theme, gathering French-Thai business community as well as high-ranked officials.

Time has gone by and the Chamber has continued to grow and mature thanks to the collaboration of all members. The FTCC premises, themselves, have been delocalized 6 times since the very first establishment: a tiny room in one of the founding members offices on Phat Phong Road; Wanglee Building on Suriwong Road; Sarasin Building on Surasak Road, Kian Gwan Building on Wireless Road; Richmond Building in Soi Sukhumvit 26 from March 1993 to May 2005; and recently Kian Gwan House III (Indosuez House) on Wireless Road since June 2005 until now.


No one is certain as to the actual date of birth of the Chamber. In 1965, there were meetings of a group of interested individuals from both the Thai and French Business community. No records of these exist. On July 1st, 1966 the most likely date of birth, the first constitutive meeting was held, and president elect P. Hagen, a top ranking official of Banque de L’Indochine, presided.  At this meeting, the first membership which included twenty members was drawn up.

Within these names appears that of Khun Ukrit Mongkolnavin, who was later to become the Speaker at the Thai National Assembly.

The first General Meeting of the Chamber was held on February 27, 1967. Members, after hearing the President and Treasurer speak, enjoyed a sumptuous luncheon at the Worked Travel Service Restaurant at the extravagant price of 35 Baht.

Official recognition from the Thai government was eventually given. The following was recorded in the meeting of February 13th 1967. The CID have approved the registration of the Chamber; they will communicate with the Ministry of Economic Affairs recommending acceptance of our registration. Perhaps this was the chamber’s birthday.

When the FTCC got its start in the mid-60s, there were few other chambers of commerce working in Thailand. The three that existed were the American, British, and German chambers. The individuals from the French business community felt a closer working relationship with Thai nationals was essential. Not content to form a chamber of their own, they formed the first joint chamber with members of the Thai business community. The Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce set the trend of joining chambers together and it has been the fashion ever since.

Hall of Fame

Presidents of the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce (1966-2022)

1.    Mr. Paul HAGEN                             Banque de L’Indochine    1966
2.    Mr. Bernard SOUNY Air France   1967
3.    Mr. Pierre D’ANGLEJAN Far East Oxygen & Acetylene Co.   1968-1969
4.    Mr. Bernard DENIS Building & Construction Company   1970
5.    Mr. Roger PLANCHARD  Air France   1971
6.    Mr. Bernard LEFORT GICASE   1972-1975
7.    Mr. Henri CLAUDOT  BFCE   1976
8.    Mr. Vibul PATTARATHAMMAS  Lau Brothers International   1977
9.    Mr. Dominique MATHEVET Ital-Thai Industries   1978
10.   Mr. Pierre GRANDAMY Banque Nationale de Paris   1979
11.   Mr. Philippe CAVARD Banque Indosuez   1980
12.   Mr. Thierry CONSIGNY Rhône Poulenc   1981-1982
13.   Mr. Marc COURET Banque Indosuez   1983
14.   Mr. Michel JACQUEMIN Banque Nationale de Paris   1984-1986
15.   Mr. Jean ANDARELLI  Asia Credit   1986
16.   Mr. Jacques THERON Société Générale   1987-1988
17.    Mr. Jean MALLET Banque Indosuez   1988
18.   Mr. Philippe DESGAULTIERES Mérieux (Thailand) Ltd.   1989
19.   Mr. Raymond CAPDEVILLA Accor (Asia & Middle East)   1990-1991
20.   Mr. Bernard FESTY Asia Credit   1992-1993
21.   Mr. Robert MOLINARI  Accor Group   1994-1995
22.   Mr. Gilbert SALVI Soletanche   1996
23.   Mr. Christian JALLABERT Thomson CSF   1997-2000
24.   Mr. Jean-Paul THEVENIN Thainox Stainless Public Co., Ltd.  2001-2006
25.   Mr. Jean-Marc GARRET Centara Hotels & Resorts 2007-2009
26.   Mr. Franck FOUGERES Ananda Intellectual Property Ltd. 2010-2012
27.   Mr. Peter CAUWELIER ASIO Consulting Ltd. 2013-2015
28.   Mr. Alexandre DUPONT Orbis Thailand 2016-2019
29.   Mr. Thomas Sanchez                       The Commercial Company of Siam        2019-2021
30.   Mr. Patrice PISCHEDDA ACOEM Group 2022-Present


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