France : A magnificent country

Imagine a country of great history, a language mostly used in the world, a country of magnificent arts, of literature richness. Imagine a country of thousand of local products and 800 cheese.

Think of all of that and do not forget to tell that, even today, in the world of nearly 8 billion people, this small country of 65 millions souls is one of the 5 most important nations in the world, that it excels in all technologies (even sometimes it is difficult), that its mathmaticians win world-class prizes, its engineers are capable of the smartest technologies, its invention and creativity is abundon, and even having talked about that, I am not even describing France in the exhaustive way. 

History, Language, Culture, and also the French excellence offered to the world...."

France at a Glance

France is the world’s 6th largest economy, the 2nd biggest consumer market in Europe, the world’s 7th largest foreign investor, the most visited country in the world with 89 millions tourists per year.
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In this document, find out about

  • French Economy
  • Why Invest in France
  • French Competitiveness Clusters
  • Key industries in France
  •  Tips to build up successful partnership with French 


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