SafeComs presents a FREE live demo:One Management Software to Run your Company

15 mars 2018


The Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce and SafeComs cordially invite you to a free live demo of "How to run a small to medium size company with one management software: all your business needs' covered in a one-stop solution".
How difficult would it be to use a single software to manage your whole business? 

During a live demo, and in less than 30 minutes, we will show you how to:
- Design emails with just a few drag & drops;
- Track leads, close opportunities and get accurate forecasts;
- Create and send professional invoices and receive payments online with a full Thai accounting package.
From a qualified opportunity to a personalized invoice, our Management Software allows efficiently to work on the sales cycle of your company.

Your questions and ideas also matter! We will keep 30 minutes for Q&A session.

Event details: 

Date: Thursday 15 March, 2018

Time: 09:00 - 11:00 AM

Venue: Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, 5th Floor, Kian Gwan House lll Building (map)

Topic: How to run a small to medium size company with One Management Software: all your business needs’ covered in a one-stop solution

Entrance Fee: FREE OF CHARGE

Speaker: Bernard Collin, CEO of SafeComs
(click HERE to view profile)
For more information, please contact:
Mr. Kan Boonlua at 
Tel. 02-650-9613 Ext. 180

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