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Payment and delivery

Salesmen of the markets of Bangkok or the Thai craftsmen often have no precise knowledge on the rules of the international trade and sell according to the Incoterm Ex-Work (see the list of Incoterms below). They do not take charge, or little, of the transport. 

If the order cannot be honored at once, the salesman will ask for a deposit, the outstanding amount must be paid to the delivery of the goods.  Forwarders have warehouse in Bangkok, where it is possible to stock goods. Forwarders can also propose a service of packaging, in wooden or cardboard boxes.

Thailand export:

All exporting of Thailand has to have a “Export Card” to be authorized to cross the customs export and to export of the goods.

Only moral persons can obtain a “Export Card ".
In practice, forwarders, or companies of trading, "rent" their “Export Card “if the exporting does not possess it. 

At the Customs, the exporter (or his agent), has to present the following documents:

- Commercial invoices 
- List of packing by box
- Foreign Transaction Form, if the value FOB of the possessions is superior to 500 000 baths
- Export License
- In the case that the exporter uses the “Export Card “of a third person, the legal exporter becomes the third. The commercial invoices and the other documents must be drawn up on his name.

To export certain articles, especially antiques or images (also short stories) of Buddha, other documents are asked by the Thai customs. It's better to inquire with his forwarder, before purchasing.

For more information, you can consult the following sites:,  "Department of Export Promotion",  Thai Customs  <o:p></o:p>

List of forwarder members of the Chamber of Commerce:


Thailand puts in shop window its products. It is easy to find suppliers, and salesmen in Bangkok.
The wholesale dealers are regrouped in the following four markets: 
- Cha-tu-chak, who proposes varied products,
- Pratunam, specialized in the textile,
- Lumpini Night Bazar, and JewelryTower (in the South of Silom, meadows of the river Chayo Phraya),
- Kao San Road specialized in the fantasy jewelery.

The location of these markets is listed on the following plan:

Kao San Road


Pratunam market is on Phetchaburi Road, not very far from Central World Plaza. Particularly considered as the purchase of clothes and textile products (the biggest of  in this sector), it also proposes fashion accessories (fantasy jewelry) and products of decoration.

The market is divided into 4 parts:

Bai Yoke Garment Complexe 1-2, who includes the salesmen for bulk-buying;

- Indra Square, where we find a wide range of clothes and fashion accessories for men, women and children;
- City Complex, specialized in the sale of fashion products for teenagers.

- In the stalls of street, where are sold mainly T-shirts or low-cost products. The salesmen of Pattunam, including the suppliers for wholesalers, have reputation of spoken bad English.

It is also note that a well-known brand and design of clothes, bought at Pattunam, are certainly copies.


Cha-tu-chak market (Jatujak, or weekend Market จตุจักร In Thai).

Situated in the North of Bangkok, near the Mo Chit station of Sky Train (elevated railroad) and the Chatuchak station of Subway (subway), Chatuchak market is the biggest of Thailand and one of the biggest of the world. It includes 9 000 workshops and stores, distributed on 9 sections (see plan below). Every weekend, the market welcomes between 200 000 and 300 000 persons.

The salesmen of Chatuchak suggest the retail business, roughly, and often also "Made to Order". Most of them speaks English and is in the habit of dealing with European importers. 

Chatuchak is only opened on Saturday and Sundays, from 8:00 am till 6:00 pm. Friday is reserved for the wholesale business. The floral part (plants and gardening tools) is opened, moreover on weekend, on Wednesday and Thursday.

For more information, about products and stalls, see the following websites:

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