Employment in Thailand

Employment in Thailand

The Chamber of Commerce gives to its members an HR & Employment Support Service, which updates CV and to pass on them to companies according to their demand. 

If you wish to work in Thailand or to make a training course there, you can send us your CV by writing to employment(at)francothaicc.com,  and we will add you in our data base.

To find a work or a training course inThailand is complicated. 

The main brake in the recruitment of a foreigner is the legal barrier. Thai authorities were equipped with several measures, which are referenced in the part dedicated to visas and to work permits, to limit the work of the foreigners. 

Certain professions are forbidden to foreigners. The employer who wishes to engage a foreigner has to obtain a special authorization.

Besides these legal constraints, there are cultural obstacles.

Professions are also with difficulty accessible by foreigners, for linguistic problems, which do not settle in the other countries of the zone, as India, Singapore or Malaysia, where English is more spoken.  

Salaries and conditions:

The minimal salary to obtain a work permit is 50 000 Bath. The employer is anxious to have an insurance policy for his employees, which has to pay off, at least, the expenses of hospitalization. There is no pension, but it is possible to save with other system, as Provident Fund.  

The weekly legal working duration is 48 hours, from Monday till Saturday. In practice, if factories work on Saturdays, offices are normally closed. The Labour law certifies 2 release weeks a year, besides holidays. Legally, a day off is a year granted by age.  

For more information about labor law in Thailand, we invite you to contact us or to read reports.

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