Employment Service

The Employment service at the Chamber aims to aid French individuals looking for a work placement, in accordance with its mission to assist French nationals in their job-search. The Service is able to help Companies wishing to recruit French nationals on the Thai work market.

In the case of a self-employed personnel benefiting from the FTCC’s employee status (integrated as part of its Human Resources), the Chamber will provide assistance in the search for candidates (CV reception, pre-selection, interviews), and the final choice will remain at the Company’s discretion. Do note that this service is not able to assist Companies settled in Thailand looking to recruit Thai personnel (legal restriction).

The Chamber can also host VIE employees, with similar conditions to the ones of option 2 described previously, and will only in this specific VIE’s case, provide support to French Companies (not local ones) for a short-period, until the Company has sufficiently built itself up. 

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  • Your contact: employment @ francothaicc.com / +66(0) 2650-9613-4

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