Vincent Cloitre - B-Accounting

A few words about your business
I set up B-Accounting three years ago, believing that there was an opportunity for a professional, highly personalized and responsive fiduciary company in Bangkok. Our approach, always positive and speedy, has proven to be successful and we now have a team of 10 experienced accountants offering monthly services in bookkeeping, payroll & taxation to a portfolio of  foreign investors established in Thailand. 

What are the key factors for professional success in Thailand according to you?
Patience, empathy and quality local staff! 
Local bureaucracy and changing legislation can be trying, especially when further complicated by language barriers. At B-Accounting, we work hard to ensure we are always up to date with all the regulations and we have developed good working relations with relevant governmental departments to minimize any problems our clients may encounter.

Why Thailand?
This is an easy one! 
This country has real beauty, a great climate, and kind, helpful people. Bangkok offers a huge variety of great food and is always, always, interesting and entertaining.
It’s an enjoyable, if sometimes frustrating, place to do business and I certainly have no regrets, from both a business and personal point of view, of moving here from Europe.

Your advice for a newly arrived expat in Thailand
Whether you are job seeking or have plans to set up a business, open-mindedness, diplomacy, patience and a strong networking mentality are essential. More so than in the West, a lot of business in Thailand is about who you know, and building the right contacts will help smooth the path going forward. 
If you are looking to open a new business, then I strongly recommend “being legal” - work visa, a proper accounting system etc. are necessary and important to long term success. 
Finally, if recruiting local staff, spend time and money identifying the right people. Retaining quality staff in the highly dynamic Thai market isn’t always simple, and effort put in during the hiring process will reap dividends.

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