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A few words about your business

LawPlus Ltd. is a full service law firm founded in Thailand in 2003 by Mr. Kowit Somwaiya, the former managing partner of the Bangkok office of a leading UK international law firm, and a team of its former lawyers.  I myself worked as an associate with Baker & McKenzie prior joining LawPlus Ltd. in early 2015.  Our objective is to provide clients with the same quality of legal services they can expect from leading international law firms but faster and at a better price.

LawPlus Ltd. and the lawyers of the firm have been recognized by international legal publications and professional organizations as leading and top-tier in several practices areas.

Our specialized practice areas include:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Foreign Direct Investment / Investment Promotion
  • Start-Ups and SMEs
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Intellectual Property
  • Projects and Infrastructures
  • Telecommunications and Information Technology        
  • Real Property & Construction
  • Life Science and Pharmaceuticals
  • Taxation
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Employment  
  • Insolvency and Restructuring         

While we mainly serve leading local and international companies, we have developed a new practice dedicated to start-ups and SMEs. Entrepreneurs have innovative business ideas but may not always be able to afford the services of seasoned lawyers to assist them at an early stage. That is the reason why we have decided to offer a special package to innovative SMEs during the first phases of their business.

We also have a regional vision. In 2013, we opened an office in Myanmar and we will soon open offices in other CLMV countries. We can provide our clients with regional solutions with our correspondent lawyers in other ASEAN countries.  

What are the key factors for professional success in Thailand according to you?

You must have a good lawyer of course! Thailand is a highly regulated country where all business activities are subject to several regulations. A good knowledge of these regulations will allow you to get a full understanding of the scope of possible business activities in Thailand.  For existing business, you must be able to identify growth opportunities. 

I am often surprised by the number of foreigners living in Thailand, including long-term residents, who seem to allegedly ignore legislations here. It is not because some laws were partially enforced in the past that they will not be enforced tomorrow. The fact is that Thailand is at a turning point of its development. Complying with laws and regulations is the key element for a sustainable professional success in Thailand.  

Why Thailand?

Thailand is regularly mentioned as one of the best living places for expats. Besides the energy, the hot weather and beautiful beaches, Thailand is the second largest economy in South-east Asia. The ongoing infrastructure projects (airport expansions, regional high speed trains and high ways) are making Thailand the center of the connectivity of the region. The recent regulatory changes and funding for SMEs and the new BOI incentives for companies investing in new technologies should make Thailand the hub for technology and innovation in the ASEAN.

Your advice for a newly arrived expat in Thailand

You need to socialize and build a strong professional network. The networking scene is busy in Bangkok with monthly events organized by the FTCC and other chambers of commerce. The Young Professional Committee (YP) of the FTCC is particularly active and allow young professionals to network in a friendly atmosphere. More recently, we have seen an increase of networking events focusing on one specific industry. This is notably the case of the French Tech and Bangkok Entrepreneurs which focus on start-ups and new technologies.  Attending these events will allow you to meet other professionals and get insights on how to do (or not to do) business in Thailand. As a matter of fact, the first contacts for business partners, potential investors or future employers often happen during these events. Work hard and play hard; there is no better way to live Bangkok at 100%.

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